When Your Loved One Has An Appointment Or Event And You Are Unable To Be There For Them.

We are educated, mature boomers with a lifetime of connections in the Richmond area.  We have lots of resources and experience caring for seniors and navigating family dynamics. Allow us to assist you and your family with the care, coordination, and transportation needs of your loved one! 

  • We will coordinate and manage the outing. 
  • We specialize in delicate situations!
  • We call the day before each appointment to reassure your loved one we will be there, or to introduce ourselves, so that your loved one is comfortable meeting someone new.
  • We are experienced medical appointment managers and interacting with physician offices, doctors, and staff. We can be present to observe, ask questions, and take notes during the exam if needed.  We can also conference you in via mobile phone with the doctor. We will assist you or your loved one in preparing a list of questions for the doctor and making sure they are answered. 
  • We can provide a trip report (phone, text, or email) at the conclusion of the outing.

If you are a local, or out-of-town care provider who is sandwiched between caring for your immediate family and an aging loved one, we would be pleased to discuss your needs and offer suggestions on how we can help you.

Here are some examples.

Mom is becoming forgetful and should not be driving, but she needs a ride and I cannot always be there to help her- Family caregivers often need a backup plan (or a break)!  We are experienced in these situations and we work with you to understand your needs and concerns.  We are tactful yet caring and sincere in our approach, so there is a smooth transition concerning our involvement with your loved one.

Mom is a memory care resident and she has an important medical appointment - Our companion drivers are trained and experienced in assisting those with Alzheimer's or dementia.  A number of memory care facilities around Richmond look to Angel Ride when a resident needs assisted transportation.  Service includes assistance from within the memory care unit including a briefing and current meds list from the duty charge Nurse, medical appointment check-in and assistance throughout their appointment as needed and a safe return to their residence.  We can ask questions, take notes, conference you in with the doctor via cellphone, or transport documents between parties.  References for this type of service are gladly provided.  Note:  Memory care assignments are accepted on a case-by-case basis, depending on individual circumstances and requirements.  Please call or email us to discuss your specific needs.

 Dad has an outpatient surgery procedure next month and we live in another state - Outpatient surgery centers follow a strict protocol regarding transportation for their outpatient surgery patients.  This can range from having a person who is known by the patient to be present for the duration of surgery, or typically a minimum requirement that the patient has a ride home from someone they know.  Taxi rides in many cases are not allowed.  Some surgeries require that the patient has someone present at home to monitor and care for them for 24 hours following surgery.  Our companion driver be that familiar person to provide transportation after surgery.  Our service includes making sure your loved one is safe and comfortable in their residence and that we have communicated with you regarding their condition.  We can provide continued companion home care as needed.

 My husband has a medical appointment coming up.  He does not hear or see well. We are both in our 90's and use walkers - Our Companion Driver will make sure that you have your insurance documents with you prior to leaving home.  We will escort you to your medical appointment and assist you in completing any required paperwork.  Our Companion Driver's are very attentive.  We make sure your loved ones  are comfortable and safe during their outing.  If there are documents that need to go to a family care provider or to a nursing staff member at the assisted living facility, we can deliver or email scanned documents as needed.  If accompaniment is not required during the appointment, we can return when the appointment is over.  We always look for ways to minimize your cost without compromising safety, comfort, or successful completion of the outing. 

My father-in-law lives alone, he is becoming more forgetful.  The neighbor checks in on him during the week when I am working.  He has a doctors appointment next week and now my husband and I both have work conflicts on the day of his appointment - Our Companion Drivers are friendly and caring.  We can provide assisted transportation and companionship during the outing.  We make sure that all insurance documents are present as needed and that other medical paperwork is completed, or we can email documents to you for your completion.  We can also email notes from the doctor as needed.  Our Companion Drivers are trained to be observant and to report anything that may appear abnormal or out of order. 

My brother is vision impaired.  He has therapy on Tuesday and Thursday for the next month.  He needs an escort from the car inside the therapy center.  I can't get off work to take him to all of his appointments - We will be your brother's eyes during his outing.  We specialize in providing a steady arm or hand to guide our clients safely to their destination.  We can stay during therapy or return later, to minimize the cost.  We can also assist if he needs to make a quick stop or run an errand on the way home. 

I live in Virginia Beach and mom lives alone in Richmond.  When she has appointments, I have to drive to Richmond to take her.  This is very hard on me at times due to all of the other things I am juggling in my life - Allow us to assist mom to her appointments!  Our clients enjoy the friendly companionship along the way.  They also like to see a familiar face, since our Companion Driver's typically exclusively serve the same client's on all of their outings.  We will report back to you with any observations and to let you know that she is safely back at home.  Peace of Mind!

Recent Client Quotes:

  I’m so glad I found you.  Thank you so much for helping my mother.  She was very pleased with your service.  Patricia H. 

My client has been very satisfied with your service and we are very thankful you were able to help her transition in such a positive way. Thanks again for your help. I will be sure to refer my colleagues and other clients to you!  Sara T. 

Thank you for all your help.  Angel Ride made all the difference to me and my family on this very special occasion.  Norvell A.