Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is the cost?

A:  $90/hour for assisted transportation and $30/hour for aide/accompaniment or stand-by. The tip is included in our fee.


Q: Is there a minimum charge?

A: The minimum charge within our service area is $30 for each ride and includes the first 20 minutes of service.  If we leave you at your destination for a minimum of 60 minutes and return later to pick you up, the minimum charge is $60 ($30 for each ride).


Q:  Can you tell me the total cost for my outing?

A:  We are pleased to provide a good faith advance cost estimate based on your outing description.  The final cost is based on actual time and determined at the conclusion of the outing.


Q:  What is your service area?

A:   North:   I-95

       West:    I-295 (NW) and I-288 (W)

       South:  Route 711 (Robious Rd) to Midlothian Tpk to Chippenham Pkwy (Route 150)

       East:     I-195 to Powhite Parkway to Chippenham Pkwy

Service Area Map   (click and scroll to the bottom of the linked page) 


Q:  What if my home or my destination is outside of your service area?

A:  In addtion to the hourly rate, a modest pick-up fee (minimum $5) is added each way.  We will provide additional information prior to scheduling service.


Q: Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance benefits?

A: We accept payment by Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Card.


Q:  How does payment work?

A:  We take your credit card information at the time service is scheduled.  Your card is charged at the conclusion of service and we email you a receipt.  For multiple trips over time, we will store your card information on our secure (PCI compliant) server.


Q:  How far in advance do I need to schedule service?

A:  We prefer a minimum of 1 business days advance notice. The earlier we can schedule your appointment the greater likelihood of availability. 


Q:  What are your hours of operation?

A:  Monday - Saturday 5:30AM - 6:00PM.  We are closed on Sunday's and major holidays other than by special exception and depending on our availability (additional charges may apply).


Q:  How do I schedule service?

A:  You may submit an online service request through this website or by calling 804.423.9200. 804.423.Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.


Q:  What if I need to cancel my appointment?

A:  A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required for cancellation.   There is a $30 cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice (excluding medical emergencies or inclement weather).


Q:  What type of vehicles do you use?

A:  We primarily drive the Chevy HHR.  Besides being fuel efficient, the front seat height is ideal for easy access by those with mobility challenges.  Our vehicles are always well maintained, clean, and comfortable!


Q:  Do you operate paratransit (wheelchair) vans?

A:  We do not presently offer wheelchair transport service.  You must be able to safely and independently transfer.  For wheelchair van or stretcher transport service, please contact our friends at Tendercare of Virginia (804.288.8763).


Q:  Can you roll my wheelchair down/up the steps outside my front door?

A:  We are not able to carry or lift an occupied wheelchair in any way.  In many cases, stretcher transport may be required.  Please contact Tendercare of Virginia (804.288.8763).