Preserving Dignity and Independence For Richmond Seniors!


Angel Ride is a Companion Driving Service.

Our Angel drivers are caring, patient and supportive.  In most cases, you will have the same driver on each outing, allowing you or your loved one to develop a trusting rapport.  

We go out of our way to understand your specific needs and assist you or your loved one during every step of the outing. This could include help inside the home to prepare for the outing such as putting on shoes or a coat, a reminder to bring along insurance cards, securing pets, and locking doors. Offering a steady arm to hold onto, opening doors, fastening seat belts, and carrying bags.  Escort and assistance from the car to the final destination. 


Examples of Service:  

  • Medical appointments (like a member of the family caregiving team, we can advocate for your loved one, assist with filling out medical forms, ask questions, conference you in with the doctor during the exam, and serving as a liaison between the medical staff and family members). 
  • Physical or occupational therapy sessions.
  • Dialysis, infusions, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments.
  • Outpatient surgery, colonoscopy or endoscopy procedures (we will act as the responsible party, present during surgery, and responsible for returning you safely home).
  • Beauty salon.
  • Grocery shopping, or any other kind of shopping (we do all of the lifting).
  • Pharmacy trips for prescription pick up.
  • Alzheimer's and dementia care.
  • Religious services.
  • Social events.
  • Family gatherings.
  • Entertainment. 
  • Appointment coordination.
  • Email or text trip summary report upon completion.

Mobility devices (walkers, canes, rollators) are welcome.  Folding wheelchairs are fine provided you can safely and independently transfer.  Upon request, we can also provide a transfer wheelchair for your use when the distance to your appointment is too far to walk.

We do not have to stay with you during your outing if you do not need us.

We cater to the unique needs of you and your family so please email or call us with your special request!